CEMS Dilution Emission Monitoring System


cems, continuous emission, monitoring system, hydrology instrument

CEMS-2000D (CEMS DILUTION) is an automatic dilution extractive system ranging in dilution ratios from 20:1 to over 400:1, designed for SOx, NOx, O2, H2O, and meteorological parameters monitoring, ensuring consistent reliability, repeatability and precise measurement in the application of smelting, power generation, steel, and chemical.

The system consists of the dilution probe and multiple US EPA designated single gas analyzers, each gas analyzer works independently to enhance the detection limited ultimately.

With decades of experience in CEMS research and development, FPI launched diverse and state-of-the-art analyzers which analyzers can be integrated into a complete continuous emission monitoring system. FPI can provide corresponding models for you to choose from below to meet different customers’ requirements for specific components monitoring.


  • US EPA designated trace level monitoring analyzers provide low-level detection possibilities;
  • Dilution probe reduces the dew point to a low level, avoids sample condensation;
  • Flexible analyzer and module combination to comply different industries;


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