CEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring System (SO2 , NOX, CO, CO2)


cems, continuous emission, monitoring system, hydrology instrument

CEMS provides application gas analysis solution, integrated with Particulate Monitoring Subsystem, TPF Monitoring Subsystem, Gaseous (Pollutant) Monitoring Subsystem, Data Acquisition and Processing Subsystem, covering all the indicators and parameters to meet different customers’ needs. Such systems are extensively installed in industrial boilers, indicators and other emission sources with real-time data uploaded to local authorities.

CEMS-2000 is a multi-gas monitoring system aimed to continuously and reliably measure emissions from various industrial combustions. The adoption of the hot-wet extractive method avoids the loss of content during sampling. The system is extendable with additional parameters upon request. All output signals proceed through the data acquisition system and then upload to the DCS or environmental authority server.

The system adopts a multi-gas analyzer to measure the concentration of SO₂, and NOx, by UV-DOAS method and concentration of CO and CO₂, by non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) module. The system also integrated internal maintenance and data process unit, which enables auto-calibration and online data transmission to minimize customer maintenance.

With decades of experience in CEMS research and development, FPI launched diverse and state-of-the-art analyzers which analyzers can be integrated into a complete continuous emission monitoring system. FPI can provide corresponding models for you to choose from below to meet different customers’ requirements for specific components monitoring.

cems, continuous emission, monitoring system, hydrology instrument


cems, continuous emission, monitoring system, hydrology instrument  
  • UV-DOAS technology allows simultaneous measurement of multiple gases, with comparative a better signal-noise ratio over conventional technology;
  • The hot-wet extractive sampling system avoids condensation, corrosion and chalking;
  • Modular system design reduces the maintenance cosand gives a more stable system performance;
  • User-friendly interface and software provide a non-attended operation experience;


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