DTG-AU Motorized Bottle cap torque Tester


Motorized torque tester is for the locking and opening force test of bottle caps, push and twist caps,

child resistant closures, lids and tubes. It can be operated in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.



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     * PLC control unit and touch screen operation

     * Both locking and opening force can be measured

     * Static and rotatory torque measuring up to 10 N.m.

     * Test parameter and data storage

     * Automatic rotating

     * Micro-printer

     * RS232 port and professional software

Technical Data

     Test Range: 10 Nm

     Accuracy: 1% FS

     Clamp Range: 15mm-140mm

     Speed Range:0.01~15RPM

     Dimension: 340×430×750 mm


ASTM D2063,ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474, DIN EN 12377


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