Silant Environment Testing Machine – TO-CE-100


  • The tester is possible to test degradation, temperature and humidity, fatigue, flooding, environmental, conditions, deterioration of the material and etc
  • It is possible to perform the test (Material (Fatigue) test, environmental test & complex test)
  • It is easy to obtain and manage data for a dedicated program


Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
Temp. Humi. CycleT E M PRange-40°C~100°C(Resolution 0.1°C) (Illumination -20°C~100°C)
Deviation±2°C, same deviation of zonal
Rising, Lowering Temp.Average ±3°C/min (over) (High-temp.&humi., Illumination average ±2.5°C/min (over)
H U M IRangeRh:20%~98~ (Resoluion 1%) (Illumination 20~80%)
Deviation±3%, same deviation of zonal
SizeInter.5axles individual driving, 50ea sample, MH, Floods, Humi. & temp.
EtcFreeze, HeatAir cooled
WindowAnti-sweating line
MeasureMeasuring each zone & each sample (temp., humi. & sample surface)
LampHeat-resisting & High-endurance Lamp
Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
ILLUMINANTIlluminantKindMetalhalide Lamp
Irradiance range800-1200 W/m²
Spectrum Range280-3000 nm (Full Spectrum)
MeasurePyranometer (no real time)
Degree (IEC 60904)SpectrumClass B (0ver)
UniformityClass B (0ver)
StabilityClass A (0ver)
Fatigue TestDrivingSpeedMin. 1mm/h~Max.100mm/min(resolution 0.1mm/h)
ModeTensile, compress, Creep, Tensile maintain, (shearing two away)
StrokeMin.0.1mm ~ Max. 50mm
Drive shaftSaxles, Individual driving
Cycle100,000 cycle (over)
Manual controlIndividual axle driving
SpecimenNumberMax. 50ea (1axle 10ea)
FormH Type, Max. 75mm x 75mm x 35mm
DirectionGlass should be faced the lamp (Glass adhered)
MeasureLoadMeasuring Individual or whole axle (1sample 500N load over)
Deviation0.01mm unit mark
Speedmin. mark or hour mark (Driving speed)
CreepDisplacement control, Load control
Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
Floods, Spray Investi.Floods InvestigationTemp. ControlUpper ~50°C distilled water use
HeightComplete Flooding specimen (H type specimen) approx. 70mm
SampleFlooding 2axles 20ea specimen
Outleet, InletDistilled water shoul be inlet and outlet by auto design
ParallelTesting fatigue and test at once
Water leakWater leak proof system
Spray InvestigationModeSilant surface spray (10~15minute)
Measure (control)Spayed amount, elapse time
ControlTemperatureInput0.1°C unit, 1min unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Humidity (H)Input1% unit, 1min unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Illuminant (L)InputW/m² unit, 1min unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Displacement (M)Input1mm unit
RecordMin. 1min
Driving Speed (V)Input0.1mm/h unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Floods (I)Input0.1°C unit, 1min unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Spray (S)Input0.1°C unit, 1min unit, Sprayed (1ml/min) unit
RecordMin. 1min interval
Load (W)RecordIndividual axle, Min. 1min interval
Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
ControlAuto StopInputAuto stopping system (According to Load, Humi, Temp, Illuminance, displacement speed setting)
Touch PannelInputH Type, Max. 75mm x 75mm x 30mm Installation
RemoteDrivingIndividual manual driving control (10/min ~ 100/min)
SegmentProgramT,G,LM,V,I,S,W segment composition, Max. 100ea, replicable, Add individual segment, Cycle composition & replicable
SoftwareFileSegment (number, repetition & turn)
DisplayGraphNumerical value changed graph
FigureTemperature(chamber, specimen surface(1axle 2ea), humidity illuminnant, displacement(each axle), Driving speed(each axle), Test mode, Load(each axle), Time to segment, Flooding Temp, Flooding time, repetition)
PC ControlProgramPC control type, window type, Axle control, humidity, temperature, illuminant, displacement, speed control, flooding, spray, Load control.
MonitoringReal time display (Graph & value)
Etc.CalibrationTemp. Humi.One time
LoadOne time
ManualCertificateIncluded manual
ManualCD & booklet
EmergencyAutoAuto stopping system (According to Load, Humi, Temp, Illuminance, displacement speed setting)
ManualManual stop
GripMaterialSUS304 over (prevention of corrosion), Cushioning needed in the affected area in consideration of the glass adhere Talking into account the shear mode requires replacement grip for the shear test
ChamberMaterialSUS304 over (prevention of corrosion)
LimitDrivingCheck product for detects, o sign & etc.
Etc.ToolWrench, driver & etc (Tool box)
EnvironmentGutters for the removal of glass fragments inside the chamber


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