Melt Flow Raate Tester TO-330


Application Field Plastic Raw Materials Standard ASTM D 1238 KS M 3070 Product Description :)When thermoplastics are ejected or compressed, the liquidity, in other word, the melt index (Melt Flow Rate) is very important data of physical property. Therefore, the value is measured. :)After the sample is extrude in a space by a prescribed standard (cylinder) with prescribed load (weight) and the temperature by each sample, the weight of the extruded resin for 10 minutes (g/10min) is measured. :)Manual system/Semi-automatic system (Option) :)Melt mass flow (MFR)/Melt Volume flow (MVR)


Temp. ControllerDigital P.I.D Controller
Temp. RangeRT - 3500C
Orifice2.095 +- 0.005mm
Cylinder160mm/9.550 +- 0.007mm
Piston Head9.474 +- 0.007mm
Power220V 50 / 60Hz
Dimension600 x 400 x 600mm (W x D x H)
Net Weight40kg


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